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Room Alert 4ER Rack wl Device ManageR Room Alert 4ER  is one of AVTECH’s hardware solutions for  “Advanced IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring, Alerting & More”.  It is designed specifically to assist with monitoring computer room temperature and environment monitoring in multiple locations up to hundreds of feet apart.

The Room Alert 4ER is perfect for a single rack or small computer room.

This model comes with two (2) Digital Temperature Sensors. Add a Digital Sensor and Switch Sensor to expand monitored conditions.

  • Built-in Digital Temperature Sensor, Factory Reset Button & Light Tower Expansion Port.
  • Allows 1-2 external Digital Temperature or Digital Temperature/Humidity Sensors for use up to 30m from Room Alert 4ER.
  • Includes 1 external Digital Temperature Sensor, 2 Digital Sensor Ports, 1 Switch Sensor Channel & Rack Mount Bracket.
  • Use Room Alert 4ER’s built-in web server, bundled Device ManageR Software, or any SNMP application to monitor unlimited units across your network.
  • Room Alert 4ER allows real-time monitoring, advanced alerting by email/email-to-SMS/SNMP & more, Fahrenheit/Celsius, high/low watermarks, logging/graphing software & much more.
  • Use Room Alert 4ER with or without a host system. That’s right… No PC Required!

Room Alert 4E ID Box in Rack Unit (1U 19˝)

  • 1 x External Digital Temperature Sensor
  • 2 x Digital Sensor Ports (RJ-11)
  • 1 x Switch Sensor Channel
  • Light Tower Expansion Port
  • Bundled Device ManageR Software license
  • Ethernet Connection (RJ-45) and 3m Ethernet cable
  • 5V Power Adapter (110/240V, RoHS)
  • Built-in web server
  • SNMP Trap & Query enabled
  • CD installation & resource media, printed Room Alert 4E User’s Guide & Reference Manual,
  • 12 months of Maintenance Support & Update Service (MSUS),


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